We currently are accepting guest posts, so write for us. Whether you are a healthcare journalist or a healthcare professional, we’re here to help you amplify your voice. So, if you want to write unique, explicit, and exciting content for us, please read carefully.


  • We do not publish sponsored posts that aren’t written by us.
  • You are not allowed to republish your guest post on any other site, including your own website (we retain the copyright of every post published on Strong Strip). If we find that it has been republished, it will be removed immediately, and you won’t get another chance to publish it here.
  • We will not publish any guest posts written for promotional purposes (landing pages/commercial articles), link-building purposes, offensive articles, critical of other brands, etc.
  • We reserve the right to edit the formatting and wording and add or remove links to your article before and after published on Strong Strip if necessary.
  • Guest posts can be rejected or deleted for any reason.
  • You should answer any comments left in your published article.
  • Your photo, name, bio, and link to a website (Dofollow) will be posted with each blog contribution.

Health Topics

We cover a wide scope of subjects, including:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Healthy Living
  • Public Health
  • Mental Health
  • Women Health Care
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Love
  • Beauty Tips
  • Makeup
  • Home remedies
  • Fashion
  • Weight Loss

Guest Post Guidelines

Our guidelines are pretty straightforward, but you must respect them.

  • Make sure your post is 100% original and plagiarism FREE.
  • All posts must be edited for grammar and spelling. Posts with numerous errors will be rejected.
  • Articles should be written in standard English and should be informative and educational.
  • Make sure we haven’t already covered your topic before.
  • The minimum word count is 1000; for the maximum, there is No Limit.
  • We prefer short paragraphs and short sentences.
  • Organize your article with proper headings (at least 5) and sub-headings.
  • The article should be written around a competitive keyword/phrase (we prefer long tail, medium competitive keywords).
  • You can add relevant links to other reputable sources if necessary.
  • No affiliate links are allowed.
  • You can include images, screenshots, infographics, graphs, etc., in the body of the content.
  • All images/screenshots must be at least 730 pixels wide. They may be larger, but not smaller than this.
  • You must attribute credit to any images and quotes used in your content.
  • Send us your best pitches first – use only the form at the bottom to submit a request to write for us. Requests that come through any other channel will be turned down.

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